Didn't like the colours you are looking for? Would you like to Personalize Your Dwarf?


From the deeper caves, Love Smiths bring you the Dwarf masturbators.


All the strength of the Dwarves is embodied in this sex toy, that exhibits pronounced veins and an outstanding clitoris. The vagina starts with a medium-size entrance which makes it very easy for great strokes. Then, deeper, it becomes slightly thinner so it holds tighter the glands of the penis.


Besides, a hole in the end part allows you to make a vacuum inside by closing it with a finger. The hole also helps during cleaning as water can be flushed through both sides of the toy.


Your cunnilingus ability will also improve by practising with this clitoris!

Product info:

  • Colours:
    • Epic Dwarf: A Shade of metallic honey;
    • Legendary Dwarf: A shade of phosphorescent orange, metallic yellow and flat black colours;
    • Heroic Dwarf: Random Coloration of Flourescent Blue and Flourescent Green (GITD Green) with a hint of metallic Copper.


  • Firmness: This product comes with a default shore hardness of 00-20.


  • Dimensions: This toy has an exterior diameter of 7 cm (max) and a length of 18 cm (max). The hole of the toy has a minimum hole diameter of 1.7 cm (0.8 inches). This masturbator is good for penises up to 14 cm (5.5 inches) of the circumference. Above that, it will start to feel tight.


  • Weight: ~500 g.


85,00 € Prix original
68,00 €Prix promotionnel

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