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The design of sex toys: a universe of options and possibilities. Which are the sources of inspiration to design sex toys? We explore general ideas y show particular examples.


Here we analyse two important points about the design of a sex toy: the source of the inspiration and the level of realism.


  • Source of Inspiration


Sexual instinct is a basic impulse which makes humans (and other animals) to, basically, desire to have sex. And this lead us to see sexual opportunities everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.


The inspiration for the design of a sex toy can come from many different points. It can be organic, meaning that it represent a whole being or part of it. This can be a human, an animal (either living or extinct), a plant, etc. Moreover, inspiration can come from mythical creatures such as dragons or griffin. Sex toys can also be inspired by inanimate objects, like tools, or technological designs, like electronic boards or engines.

Sex toys inspired by Humans bodies

Those which replicates human bodies or part of human bodies are, usually, the most easiest to understand. In the end, everyone is able to recognize a penis an a vulva, right? Sometimes, the sexual organs made all the toy, other times the toy resembles a full human body, to scale or in miniature. In some cases, different body parts and organs are arranged in a completely unexpected way, the result is not always easy to call human.

Sex toys inspired by Animals

Ah, humanity. When it’s not having sex with each other they are always looking to the closest (or not) beings. Dogs, horses, dolphins and kangaroos, anyone is a potential target of human sexual arousement.

Sex toys inspired by plants or vegetables

But animals are not everything and some people feel more close to the vegetal realm. Or, maybe, they are just less threatening. In any case, from ripe fruits to cacti passing by corncob, everything is welcome.

Sex toys inspired by fantastic creatures

Of course. Once you’ve emptied all the living beings, you start looking into your own dreams. And that’s how fantastic and legendary (and even extincted) creatures become the source of human inspiration. To mention some: dragons, aliens, vampires. No mythology is save from our sex incursions.

Sex toys inspired by technology or technological designs

Some toys include decoration which can only be called mechanical. They do not necessary has any particular shape. Instead, their desings include gears, electric circuits, or pipes that looks like motor parts. They are not the most common, but they exist for those who are interested.

Sex toys inspired by common objects and tools

Any human-made object can be a sex-for-human object, that’s the motto. Of course, from the beginning of time, humans have been masturbating with anything they can hold or keep steady. Later, they developed the capacity of modifying object in their environment, thus tools and industry born. For thousands of years, our ancestors were using common objects to get sexual pleasure; however, nowadays, lots of objects are designed and created specifically as sex toys. In some cases, we keep the old-fashion utilitarian design of these items: tools and weapons.

Toys which become sex toys

Weirder enough, some toys for children become (sex) toys for adults. They still looks like naive toys, they’re not! It is the case of the vibrator-stuffed Shower Ducky.

  • Level of realism


And then, we have certain level of realism. The design of a particular toys can be from purely abstract to ultrarealistic:

Abstract design for masturbation toys


Sometimes the sex toys were not built with any special model in mind. Just some curves or bulges create a shape which, honestly, is enough for masturbation.

Realistic designed sex toys


Toys which have been designed with a clear idea of what should it resembled. The object, creature or body part that they represent is obvious for anyone who touch it or see it.

Ultrarealistic sex toys


The ultrarealistic toys don’t only look like something, they are it. Their shapes and characteristics are extremely detailed. According to the type of toy and its inspiration they can include tiny veins, scales or holes which gave them an outstanding appearance.