Mechanical usage and autonomy


Many different sex toys imply that there are many ways to manipulate them. Here you'll find a small description of different autonomies and mechanisms.

As any other tool, sex toys can be created to work and to be controlled in different ways. Basically, they can be manually or automatically controlled. For the manual ones there is not much to say but, the automatic group can work with batteries or plugged into the electric network, can have a remote control with or without wires, and can also be controlled through internet.


  • Manual sex toys


This category includes all toys in which the player has no help from external sources (electricity). Most sex toys fall into this category because they are simpler (in terms of design and construction) and also cheaper. They are good for active people who want to be in control and do not get tired quickly. Beginners need some time to familiarize themselves with them before they get everything that manual toys have to offer.


  • Automatic and semi-automatic sex toys


Both automatic and semi-automatic sex toys have a mechanism that performs movements without human control. The difference between the two categories lies in the complexity of this movement.

Semi-automatic sex toys


The semi-automatic sex toys are those in which the toy itself has a repetitive motive power drive (such as a vibrator or an engine) but the player must guide the movement and position of the toy. These toys are well suited for beginners as their use does not require too much effort and it is easy to test their various skills. However, you must be careful when starting to play with them: do not accidentally damage your genitals!

In this group we find different types of toys, usually:​


Vibrators: A vibrator motor inside makes the toy vibrate.
Thrusters: A linear motor lets the toy move back and forth.
Spinners: A motor causes the toy to rotate providing a screwing effect.

These can be anything penetrators, penetrators or none.

Automatic sex toys and fuck-machines


Those who, once in operation, do not need anyone to deal with them. They are basically a semi-automatic toy with a support. They do not need to be held, but are heavier, more expensive, and require more space for both use and storage.



A common problem of automatic and semi-automatic sex toys is the noise. As machines, their movement is driven by a combination of engines, transmissions, etc. In some cases, the noise is inevitable. In general, the bigger, the louder, but usually the better. For vibrators, the noise is usually acceptable as they oftenly only produce a low buzz. Engines, however, can be very annoying, especially the larger fucking machines and especially for people who are sensitive to noise.

For both automatic and semi-automatic sex toys there are various ways to control the activation and deactivation, speed and power of the movement. Thus, they can be wired when the controller is connected to the toy with a cable or wirelessly when they have no cables. In addition, they can also be controlled via an internet connection. The best are, undoubtedly, those with wireless control: you do not have to hold your hands in a strange position to switch between their options.


​They can also be classified according to their power source, since they can have an internal battery or be connected to the electric network, or both. As with all electronic devices, it is better to have a removable battery that can be replaced if damaged, but which can be charged with a power cord within the toy itself.