Penis Add-ons


Your penis is nice but, it can be improve. It can be improved in many different ways. We can make it thicker, longer, spikier, we can give it more movement and, even, make it harder and hold its thirst.

  • The oldest improve: cock rings to be harder for longer


This is, basically, a very old and common problem. Men, specially the younger ones, tend to be fast, easy-to-excite, easier-to-finish. And those which are not fast, mostly the older ones, become unable to get an erection. From ancient times, people realized that there is no interest in premature ejaculation or flacid penises. Ah, human fate. But human kind find its solutions developing easy ways to solve this problems. 

A ring, tightly attached in the base of the penis, increase the hardnes of the erection and delay the ejaculation. Basically, the penis become hard because is filled with blood, if the blood cannot go out, it remains harder. But, at the same time, the restrain in the base of the penis also delay the ejaculation by numbing the feelings. A good for all solution!

Traditionally, this rings have been made of all kind of materials: iron, copper, jade, ivory... today, besides stainless steel, silicone is a pretty common material.

To be funtional as a hardener/delayer device it must be tight. Most men are afraid of that, at least at the begining. And there are reason for it: too much tight and will be almost impossible to remove (and this can lead to necrosis and limb loss, be careful!). But proper experience, hability and careness avoid most of the danger. 

You should start using broader or flexible rings. After you get use to them and now how to put and remove easily, you can go for more tighter and rigid ones. Additionally, you should keep enough lube close to you, which make it much more easy to remove in case of emergency. Moreover, always tell your partner about the ring and make sure that them know how to remove themselves. And never, ever, fall asleep with it, you could awake without penis.

  • The shell of your dreams: wereable penis sleeves


Make it longer, make it broader, put some spikes on it... everything is possible with a penis seath. A toy which only appear after soft plastic, latex and silicone rubbers become easily available. Basically, a tubular object with more or less thin walls is put around the penis. There is a very broad range of possibilities.

  • Vibration included


And any of these toys can be upgraded with a vibrator. Some people dislike them because they numb the penis and the frequency of the motors can be annoying. But, due to the common uselessly of men lovers, they are greatly welcome by heterosexual women. 



Love Smiths' Penis Add-ons


We start with a simple christmast-themed cock ring. We'll add more in the future.

  • Hohoho ring