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A hand luggage full with colourful dildos and masturbators from Love Smiths

Sex Toys: origins and classifications


All you want to know about sex toys. Or, maybe, much more than you ever knew that was possible wanted to know. Be welcome!


A sex toy is an object used to masturbate. But, this is a very specific definition and generally, we can say that a sex toy is any object which increases the sexual desire, arousal or pleasure. Which implies that anything can be or become a sex toy.


  • Sex with toys: is it a human thing?


Humans are very sexual animals. Animals are very sexual creatures. Creatures are very sexual beings. And so on. Basically, the life objective for everyone is have sex. As a side effect, this lead to reproduction and, in the long therm, that is what count to stablish a behaviour.


But, when creatures don’t have anyone to have sex with, either from their species or from another, they make it to themselves. They masturbate. As sometimes is not so straightforward, animals found objects which help. Yes, all kind of animals use sex toys, it is not an exclusively human thing.


However, only primates manufacture them. For instance, chimps have been watched crafting their own dildos and masturbators from vegetal materials. For the other, less able creatures, only rest to use what they found in the wild as it is. Even of some have very creative ways to do it (think in the dolphin using a fish head).


  • Toys for sex: how many are there?


Sure enough, there are hundreds of thousands of different sex toys. unimaginable types by a single person. We are going to analyse a few according to different criteria. One possible way of sorting them is according to their function. Which the best way to organize them while keeping a global vision.

In other sections (have a look at the bottom) we’ll talk deeper about other characteristics of the sex toys. Those include the mechanisms, the types of design and the sources of inspiration of them, and several materials sex toys are commonly made of.


  • Types of sex toys: classification according to its function


That is the most used classification for sex toys, as well as for any other instruments, as it is the easiest to understand. First, there are toys which can be penetrated, toys designed to penetrate, clitoral massagers, suckers and enhancers. Then, there are toys to restrainer movement, induce different sensations or deprive one or more senses. And finally, there are sex toys which are mainly furniture which, somehow, help increasing the sexual feelings or performance.


Penetrator sex toys


Basically, things which give pleasure by penetrating holes: ass, vagina and mouth are the most common but, also can be found penetrators for urethras.


Butt plug

Prostate massager or stimulator

Anal beads


Penetrable sex toys


The opposite of the previous ones, those are the holes to put things inside. Mainly penises but, fingers and tongues are also welcome. They can be big or small, human-size or pocket-size ideal for take them while travelling.

Masturbation sleeves


Human-size masturbators


Sex toys for clitoral massage


Specially design to focus on the clitoris, most of them leave other considerations apart but, mind that if they can excite your clit they can also be used elsewhere: nipple, anus… Your mind is the only limitation.

Artificial tongue

Clit ticklers



Suckers: sex toys to make vacuum


Suck, suck, suck. That lovely sensation of being absorbed which electrified all the surface of the skin. Now, at you're fingertips with the size and power you require. Whatever you need to be vacuum, you’ll have something specifically design for it: nipples, penis, vulva. All your back, if you are into that.

Nipple sucker

Penis sucker

Vulva sucker

Cupping sets

Enhancers: sex toys to boost up your sexual performance

Do you need help? That’s our job. There are thousand ways you can improve for yourselves and for others. Have a look! We have penis extensors, length and wide, which can even add some extra spikes to your member. We have cock rings which holds your explosive power under control or which vibrate over your partner’s clitoris. We have chains of weight- or size-incremented balls so you can train your vaginal muscles. Do you need an extra penis? We can figure out something. Will you enjoy with less friction? No problem. Do you lack knowledge? We have also books… and reddit.

Penis add-ons

Vaginal strengtheners




Restrainers sex toys

Some people like to move around without stopping. Others, on the contrary, prefer their partners to stay still. To couple both you have all kind of ropes, chains on other stuff which will hold the first one in place.










Chastity toys


Sensation-creation sex toys

All kind of stuff can enhance our desire. Exciting our different senses have an incredible arousal effect. From subtle to harder, millions of tools have been adapted to use sexually. Hot and cold, tickles, candles, music… anything you like can be a sexual tool.







Sensory-deprivation sex toys


The opposite idea with respect to the previous category: instead of activating one sense, they attenuate another. Of course, they can be used together with the feelings creators to maximize one by damping the others.


Earplug, noise cancellation headphones, loud repetitive music

Nose plug

Mummification suit


Furniture as sex toys


We know that everything can be a sex toy, even a chair. Because, cannot their design be improve to serve our most deeper desires? Exactly, long ago built to be something else, now lots of furnitures are made for our sexual selves. Do you want to be hanging? Sex swings! Do you need something to, tirelessly, hold your legs up? Butterfly chairs! Do you hope to stop missing your partner face in half of the positions? Mirrors! Seriously, we have everything to enjoy.



Butterfly chairs

Queening stools


Sex swings or suspension frames.


  • More information about sex toys


Mechanical usage and autonomy of sex toys

Sex toys design

Materials used to make toys for adults